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In her first show with Pace gallery in Manhattan, the Brazilian artist both experiments and returns to figuration.

9/18/2022 8:55:50 AM

It’s been a closely guarded secret which masterworks in the Microsoft co-founder’s collection will be auctioned at Christie’s in November. Here, highlights of a billionaire’s bounty.

9/22/2022 7:00:11 PM

David Breslin of the Whitney Museum, who replaces Sheena Wagstaff, will help shepherd the Met’s new $500 million wing and its curatorial programs.

9/20/2022 12:32:48 PM

The British designer, whose new installation will be unveiled at Tate Modern this week, made her name in theater. These days, you’re as likely to find her work in art galleries, stadium gigs and fashion shows.

9/20/2022 6:24:05 AM

Over the entrance to the Met are medallion portraits of white, male art heroes. Enter Hew Locke with a timely and pointed message about “Gilt” (or “Guilt”).

9/15/2022 12:08:55 PM

Clément Chéroux, who joined the museum in 2020, will direct the Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation in Paris.

9/16/2022 3:39:18 PM

A multi-headed mother figure by the sculptor Bharti Kher has arrived at Central Park. Its message is open to interpretation — and comfortable with contradiction.

9/15/2022 1:00:07 PM

His informal, generous pictures were some of the most moving art of the 1990s. Now, at MoMA, time catches up with the German photographer.

9/8/2022 2:55:49 PM

Want to see new art in New York this weekend? Don’t miss Ghislaine Leung’s tauntingly provocative show.

9/21/2022 5:00:21 PM
Slavs and Tatars (Art Collective)

In major museums, as well as at club nights and its own bar, the collective Slavs and Tatars casts a humorous eye over the region between the former Berlin Wall and the Great Wall of China.

9/22/2022 11:48:48 AM