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An underground virtuoso, always being discovered in bits and pieces, the portraitist solidifies his place in the canon with a solo show at the Frick — its first ever for a Black artist.

9/28/2023 12:22:50 PM

An in-house appraiser noticed something was awry when the canvas on his workbench did not match a catalog entry.

9/28/2023 9:27:58 PM

Bucking the rules, and the canon, Jacolby Satterwhite remakes the Met’s Great Hall with his multimedia “A Metta Prayer.” It draws on Titian and video games.

9/27/2023 2:07:54 PM

As French cultural counselor in New York, Gaëtan Bruel created artist residencies in the United States, museum curator exchanges and reimagined a poet’s studio.

9/28/2023 4:32:14 PM

Mr. Wiley, famous for his portrait of former President Obama, is now showing paintings of 11 current and former African heads of state. “This is not a celebration of individual leadership,” he said.

9/25/2023 3:09:14 PM

Laurence des Cars has big plans for the world’s most visited museum. But whether she can achieve them depends on her powers of persuasion.

9/22/2023 4:01:54 AM

Two titans of modern art — and famous frenemies — face off in New York in a show exploring their enigmatic relationship.

9/21/2023 6:41:18 PM

The prolific Cuban-born artist’s first survey in many years has opened at the Brooklyn Museum. “It’s all about love,” she says.

9/22/2023 1:17:45 PM

Want to see new art in New York this weekend? Check out an exhibition at Mishkin Gallery that pays homage to Puerto Rican art. And at MoMA PS1, in Queens, two artists explore their Aymaran roots.

9/28/2023 8:59:36 PM

As the art market wobbles, estate sales are filling holes in the auction calendar.

9/28/2023 9:00:12 AM